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    CellFit is a place where classical wellness therapies intersect with the cutting edge technology. We are introducing to US market Endospheres Therapy, THE ULTIMATE body and face non-invasive treatment. The FDA compliant Endospheres Compressive Micro-Vibration technology targets the appearance of cellulite, promotes skin rejuvenation, alleviates workout pain and muscle soreness, and speeds up athletic recovery. We look forward to treating you…

    At CELLFIT our massage therapist perform services working exclusively with Thalion professional cosmetic line. Therapeutical benefits of wellbeing treatments can be prolonged at home with luxurious Thalion home care products. Please allow CELLFIT team to offer you unique experience of physical and emotional harmony and relaxation.

    Cutting-edge cosmetics from the sea

    In Brittany, France, Thalion laboratories carefully select and harvest the richest seaweeds from the Iroise Sea, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. The seaweeds are processed within 24 hours following harvesting, preserving the extracted active ingredients’ strength. This unique know-how enables to preserve the original qualities of these precious plants and integrate them in new formulas.
    The high concentrations of mineral salts, trace elements, vitamins, and amino acids found in our seaweeds imbue our products with the power to create beauty and well-being.


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      The latest breakthrough on lymphatic drainage technology is coming soon…

      cellfit new technology

      As of January 2020, Cellfit no longer represents and distributes Endospheres devices in the USA.

      As part of our commitment to represent only the best products and devices, Cellfit is launching an exclusive wellness and age-defying technology for non invasive body and face treatments.

      Pre-orders starting early 2021.

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